Step by Step: How to Contribute

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You must register and log in to be able to submit scores.  After you have done so...

From the top menu, select "Add Score".  Each item below is on the form to submit a new score.

Title (Required): Enter the title of the score.

Category (Required): Select a composer.  If the composer is not listed, leave a message in the forum.

Alternate Title: Enter a translation of the title and/or another name the work is known as.

Catalog Number: Enter an Op/No or other catalog identification (i.e. K.123).  While this field is not required it is highly recommended, if known.

Key: Select the primary tonic key of the score.

Mode: Select the mode of the primary key.

Score Type (Required): Select if the score is a transcription (copy) of the score or if it is an arrangement.

Style (Required): Select the Style/Era of the score.

Language: Enter the primary language of the score. (Lyrics only)

Lyrics: Copy and paste the lyrics into this field if the score has any.

File (Required): Select "Choose File" to select and upload the file.

File Type (Required):  Select if the file is normal or compressed MusicXML and the version number.  (If the version is unknown, it's likely 2.)  If attaching a .zip file, select what files are in the archive.

Instrumentation: Place a check next to all instruments in the score.

Genre: Select any applicable genres.


Press "Save" at the top or bottom of the page.  That's it!  Your score is published automatically.


Other Notes:

If you find a composer, or instrumentation option missing that you need, please make a request in the forum and an administrator will add it ASAP.

If you find an error in a score, please fix it, upload a new XML file and comment about your actions on the score's page.  If you are unable to do so, please at least comment about the error so another member can make the adjustment.  Older versions of an XML file that contains errors can then be deleted by an administrator.